Web Design + Brand Strategy

I would love to work with you on:

︎ Website design and development

︎ Personal and commercial branding strategy and architecture

︎ Pitch deck development, market research and synthesis 

︎ Community building, engagement and activation strategies


Most recent projects include:

︎ Holistic wellness business branding and web design

︎ Personal website design

︎ Co-Founder and brand development for SUPERTILT Club

︎ Building comms and engagement strategy for a regenerative urban farming initiative

I direct my energy to projects which enable people and places to reach their highest potential using design thinking tools, a holistic, systems approach and a creative edge influenced by the elements.

I come to the world with an Urban Planning and Design lens, having focused my degree on how urban environments can regenerate natural systems and how we can design solutions from an indigenous-forward perspective.

Connect with me through IGLinkedIn or ye olde ︎

01 Art Activation at London School Strike for Climate 

// 20/09/19
by Luc Waring